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The book "Emī and Rū: The Friendship Code"

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A fascinating and heart-warming book for curious children, based on the detective series "Emī and Rū".

Palauzis has returned to the Čimpiņ-Rimpiņ Agency, regained his memory and acquired new abilities. Time for Emīlija and Rūdis to get down to business keeping the world prosperous! Now, not only the suspicious gardener, but also the strange electrical expert Bartolomejs, can be seen in the yard more and more often. And the strangeness is not just in the backyard, but all over the city, where the letter combination D.A.R.I.L. is seen. Is there a secret behind all this? And if so, what? Emīlija and Rūdis need to crack this code!

Robot Palauzies has left hidden messages in the pages of the book that will help the reader solve the detective puzzles... possibly even faster than Emīlija and Rūdis!

 The book is the sequel to the first book in the series "Emī and Rū: Robot's Heart", which was nominated for the Latvian Literature Award in 2021 and is included in the "Children, Youth and Parents Jury" book collection.

Authors: Ieva Melgalve and Elizabete Luško-Ražinska

Illustrator: Guna Poga

Book design: Aleksejs Muraško

Editor: Ingmāra Balode